Religious Education

The RE Policy is updated annually and reviewed termly by the subject leader and SLT. For more information about the curriculum at Gaskell Community Primary School please contact the school to arrange a visit where we will be happy to share more information. To view our RE Policy, click here.

At Gaskell Community Primary School the curriculum for Religious Education is based on the enquiry based Learning Challenge Curriculum. It ensures coverage of the Bolton Statutory Scheme of work for Religious Education and in doing so meets the statutory requirements.

Children study two main faiths Christianity and Islam throughout their time at Gaskell developing a deep understanding as well as an academic base of both faiths. These are enhanced by making links with the additional faiths, Hinduism and Judaism developing both understanding and academic knowledge which is built on from the Early Years Foundation Stage until they leave the school in Year 6.

RE Websites for children.

Links to different festivals for Early Years and KS1

KS2 Religious Education learning resources for adults, children, parents and teachers organised by topic.

Religious study clips 5-11 years.

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