Our ‘Grown for Gaskell’ Curriculum

Curriculum Statement

Our school ethos is to place the child at the centre of everything we do. Our curriculum is designed to encourage, challenge and enable our children to become successful and resilient citizens in today and tomorrow’s world. At Gaskell, through a broad and balanced curriculum, we will provide the children with the skills and knowledge they require for their lifetime. The curriculum encourages children to be independent, resourceful, skilled, adaptable, flexible and empathetic.

 Our school values are represented and underpinned by the curriculum drivers and form the basis of everything we do. They represent how we behave in, around and outside school from Nursery to Year 6, in all aspects of school life. They also support the teaching of British Values throughout the school.


Our Curriculum develops the attitude, skills and knowledge for a successful life within Gaskell Primary School.

Our Curriculum is ambitious, developmental and responsive to the current needs of our children.

Our Curriculum enables children to learn more and remember more; facilitating a change of long term memory.


Healthy Pioneers | Avid Adventurers | World Citizens | Confident Communicators | Creative Minds
The drivers enhance the National Curriculum to support the needs and personal development of our children. They address current gaps in knowledge, skills and topical issues, which we believe will give our children the best attributes to achieve.


Happiness Empathy Ambition Respect Resilience Tolerance Self Confidence