Rights Respecting School


To give children opportunities to explore and discuss their rights which will protect and empower them to feel their rights are valued, respected and promoted.

Our  Rights Respecting Journey

4th March 22:

Miss Langton held a staff meeting which introduced what a Rights Respecting School is and the vision of how we are going to become a Rights Respecting School.

The votes began! Two children from each class were chosen to create our Steering Group. Their first meeting is due to take place on the 24th March.

24th March:

Miss Langton and Miss Mercer held the very first steering group meeting this afternoon! The children were enthusiastic about their new role in school and engaged with the article poster given to them. We discussed what the RRSA is and that their role in school is to help ensure children understand their rights.

The steering group are ready for their first responsibility which will take place during the launch of the RRS. The children will hand out resources to classes and also support children in class understand the difference between and want and a need. This will happen after half term.

As part of our journey towards achieving the Silver Rights Respecting School Award, we will be choosing a different article from the Convention on the Rights of the Child each month to focus on and learn about.

For April, we have chosen our article of the month which will be Article 42: Knowledge of Rights.

This article is all about the children knowing what their rights are, knowing how to make sure they’re being met and also what the children can do if they think their rights aren’t being met. Children across the whole school will  participate in a RRSA launch in the new academic year which will allow them to gain a wider knowledge of what their rights are.

Keep checking our Twitter page @GaskellRRS to see regular updates.

22nd April:

It is Earth Day! We celebrated Earth Day by starting with a whole school assembly by Mr Naylor. He spoke about which articles Earth Day linked to and we discussed ways of showing our support. We created art work, we used the iPad’s to research and we also performed songs to emphasise the importance of looking after our Earth. 

6th May:

We are now officially a BRONZE accredited Rights Respecting School! Miss Langton informed the children during our whole school assembly which is when we also launched our very first big project!

Miss Langton, Mr Simpson and Miss Mercer worked with the Year 6 debating club to discuss what they know about their rights BEFORE Article 42 is taught. The children expressed their views and opinions which demonstrates the understanding of our children at the start of our journey. 


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