School Governors

The Governing Body at Gaskell Community Primary School is a very effective and hard-working group that does an important job. We are responsible for ensuring that the school achieves its potential and provides good value for money for all our children.

The Governing Body does not interfere with the daily running of the school as this is managed very effectively by the School Leadership Team. We are however, involved in the planning of the school’s development which includes buildings, organisation, staffing and the curriculum. We are responsible for monitoring the effectiveness of those plans.

Members of the Governing body come from all walks of life; some are parents of children at the school, others are representatives from the Local Authority, the local community and the school staff.

We meet formally as a whole group three times a year. Smaller groups of us meet more regularly, to discuss specific issues. We are trained to carry out our functions by the Bolton Governor Support Team, although most of us bring useful skills such as finance, health and safety, management, personnel etc to the group. Current issues for Governors includes, helping the school towards it’s financial management targets, monitoring issues raised in our last Ofsted inspection, monitoring the reviewing of our school policies, ensuring all our children are making good progress in their learning and that the school’s curricular targets are being met.

We take our role as Governors at Gaskell Community Primary School very seriously and look forward to meeting you all in the near future.

Best wishes,

Sophia Bibi

Chair of Governors


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